Self-determination – Los Angeles crypto artwork “opens doors” for children

Former MLB player Micah Johnson raises donations for children with his The News Spy crypto artwork.

An interactive crypto artwork of former professional athlete Micah Johnson, who was in the American Baseball League MLB in the Tampa Bay Rays under contract, on a large display board in Los Angeles issued .

The crypto work of art is entitled „ˈsä-v (ə-) rən-tē“, which is phonetic transcription for the English word „Sovereignty“ and in this context means something like „self-determination“. It depicts two African-American children confronting an astronaut who personifies the hopes and career aspirations of the two.

However, there is a closed door between them, which opens a little wider every year on the children’s birthdays , while the children come closer and closer to the door. However, the progress of this approach depends on the amount of Bitcoin ( BTC ) donated by the owners of an associated crypto token. This so-called non-fungible token also depicts the work of art, which means that its owners have partial ownership of the crypto work of art.

The collected donations are in turn stored in a hardware wallet and passed on to the two children on their 18th birthday

The billboard with the digital image is on one side of the Courtyard Marriot Hotel on West Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles. The exhibition period extends from December 7th to January 10th, 2021.

Jacquelin Napal, the operator of the exhibiting art gallery, explains that the public presentation intends to preserve the population’s access to art in times of the corona crisis:

“Everyone should have the opportunity to experience art and culture. We hope that with an inspiring work of art like ˈsä-v (ə-) rən-tē we can give people some distraction during this difficult time. “
Last month, the art value was sold for more than $ 120,000 on the blockchain platform Async Art . The amount raised is a new record for an NFT artwork.

In addition, the crypto work of art won the prize for the best NFT of 2020 at the “NFT Awards” just this week.