A central location in Europe and close proximity to France and Switzerland are two specific locational advantages enjoyed by the Freiburg – Southern Upper Rhine region. This southwestern region is one of the most dynamic, fastest growing regions in Germany and boasts consistently low unemployment rates. Due to excellent economic and employment structures, the region is looking for qualified professionals on both a medium and long-term basis.

The region’s economy is exceptionally diverse and characterized by medium-sized businesses. Family-friendly and owner-run companies are typical to the region, which is also home to numerous international market leaders in their respective industries. The region’s main industries are: mechanical engineering, metal processing, precision engineering, timber, plastics processing, logistics, media, life science, micro-system technology, environmental technology, medical engineering, renewable energy (particularly solar technology), measurement and control technology, healthcare, and tourism.

Currently, the need for qualified professionals is especially high in the following professions: industrial mechanic, industrial engineer, IT specialist, chef, and hotel expert.