10 reasons to choose the region

10 reasons to choose the Freiburg – Southern Upper Rhine region

There are many great reasons to settle in the Freiburg – Southern Upper Rhine region! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 for you.

The Freiburg – Southern Upper Rhine region…   

  • is economically strong and has a low unemployment rate.

  • is one of the most dynamic, fast-growing regions in Germany.

  • is an outstanding location that is home to efficient infrastructure, strong innovation, and numerous global market leaders.

  • perfectly combines economic success with a quality lifestyle.

  • is the warmest and sunniest region in Germany.

  • exudes an international flair thanks to its direct proximity to France and Switzerland.

  • offers a high quality of life with many recreational and cultural offers.

  • boasts multifaceted landscapes, cities, and villages.

  • is home to open-minded, friendly people.

  • is known as Germany’s gourmet region.