The Freiburg - Upper Rhine region

The Freiburg – Southern Upper Rhine region is located in southwest Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The region shares a border with France to the west and Switzerland to the south, which lends the three-country region a remarkable, international flair in the areas of economics, cuisine, and culture. 

The region consists of the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Emmendingen, and Ortenau districts as well as the city of Freiburg. Here, approximately 1,054,852 people live on an area of 4,062.03 km². The population density is 256 inhabitants per km². Freiburg and Offenburg are the largest cities in the region.


Characteristics of the region
This region offers the warmest and sunniest climate in Germany, such as you would usually only expect in Mediterranean areas. The region also features Germany’s highest and most varied low mountain range: the Black Forest. Simultaneously, the region also has a modern industrial and cultural landscape and an enormous leisure area that offers a broad spectrum of activities for athletic and action-starved locals and tourists.

The Freiburg – Southern Upper Rhine region has so much to offer; sunny vineyards and fertile fields alternate with mountain pastures and raised moors, vast, wooded mountains, distant views spanning all the way to the Alps, and deep canyons with wide valleys. Nestled amongst all this beauty are villages, cities, and towns interspersed with zoos and theme or family parks. The Schluchsee and Titisee are a dream for water sport enthusiasts and sunbathers, as well as popular lake destinations for every season. Numerous smaller lakes, thermal baths, and spa options invite you to relax and linger. The region’s varied landscape and gorgeous mountains are popular hiking destinations and especially attractive for mountain bikers, racing bikers, and relaxed family bike rides. In the winter season, winter sport enthusiasts can look forward to an amazing ski area right outside their front door. Thanks to its diverse landscape, high-quality cuisine, wine, and beer, and numerous mineral water springs, this region is considered the “most beautiful gourmet corner of Germany”.