For companies

The Welcome Center offers free information and advice on issues concerning qualified, international professionals and the topic of welcome culture to companies in the Freiburg – Southern Upper Rhine region. 

We advise and support companies in all matters related to international employees and also inform them about the responsible authorities. We also provide information about recruitment opportunities, intercultural personnel management, and the welcome culture of a company. 

We support a company’s new or future qualified professional from abroad with extensive information regarding housing, dual career opportunities, language classes, childcare, and education, as well as leisure and culture.

We also host company events that include best-practice examples for recruiting and supporting international employees, as well as informative lectures. 

We provide companies with a platform that facilitates cooperation and supports the exchanging experiences and solutions.

Get in touch! We’ll be happy to provide you with information over the phone, via email, or in person at the Welcome Center, during our consultation days in your area, or directly at your company.