Biticodes Review – Is It A Scam or Legit?

With the aid of advanced algorithms based on artificial Intelligence automated trading platforms like Biticodes are now claiming to assist traders decrease the human element by automatically trading the major cryptocurrency on the users‘ behalf. This is said to reduce the risk and boosts the profits.

Are these assertions reliable? We’ve got the answers. Biticodes analysis examines the way this platform operates and also some of its most important features.

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Biticodes Review- Key Points

  • Biticodes offers an automatic trading platform specifically designed to increase the efficiency of trading.
  • The program uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze the market and identify trading opportunities.
  • The minimum amount for Biticodes is $250.
  • Biticodes is compatible with Bitcoin (BTC) as well as many other crypto-tokens.
  • Biticoes does not charge any trade charges.
  • The company of this Biticodes platform is unclear, but the high winning rates are stated on the Biticodes website.
  • Biticodes utilizes SSL certificates to guarantee security

What is Biticodes?

Biticodes is an automated trading platform that was created to assist people in trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

The platform allows you to analysis of the market, predicting where prices will move and then execute trades automatically according to forecasts. With the help of analysis carried out on the market trends in cryptocurrency it can determine the right time to buy and sell a specific cryptocurrency. Additionally it is the Biticodes platform is able to categorize information into technical and fundamental analysis. This helps it stand out from other trading platforms that use algorithmic trading.


According to Biticodes the traders could cut down on time using an efficient automated system that allows for quick transactions on their accounts. Additionally, as a result of intensive training, they claim that trustworthy algorithmic trading bots begin all orders as quickly as they detect cryptographic signals that could lead to profitable trading opportunities, based on years of market information.

The Biticodes website boasts the highest success rate due to its the latest technology in trading, which includes Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. There are no manual steps that require more than the basic set-up for Biticodes to trade. However, the platform suggests that traders spend time every day observing their accounts, monitoring all open positions by a couple of clicks.

The platform’s user-friendly interface permits traders to personalize the Biticodes platform to suit their needs and preferences.

There’s no cost to using Biticodes. There are no fees to establish, manage or even use the trading account on this platform. Additionally, no commission is taken out of your profits. The minimum deposit required to open an account at Biticodes is $250. Additionally, you are able to withdraw funds at any time.

Platform Type: Automated Trading Platform
Minimum Deposit: $250
Claimed Win Rate: N/A
Cost of software: Free
Withdrawal Timeframe: 24/7
Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTE, MXR, etc.

Biticodes Pros and Cons

Understanding the way the automated platforms for trading operate and the strengths and weaknesses of each will allow you to get the most effective outcomes from these platforms. Below is a listing of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Biticodes platform in your everyday trading schedule:


  • An affordable minimum deposit
  • Demo accounts for trading is accessible
  • There aren’t any platform charges
  • Fast scanning of cryptocurrency markets
  • The most well-known altcoins as well as BTC are accepted
  • It claims to have a high winning rate, higher than manually traded
  • Withdrawals are processed swiftly
  • Parameters may be modified to improve algorithms


  • There isn’t much information on backtesting
  • The group behind the project isn’t known.

How Does Biticodes Work?

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and algorithms, Biticodes actively tracks the prices of the major cryptocurrency.

If you make a deposit into your account the program will utilize these funds to permit new trades to be made through the platform.

If the algorithm detects an possibility to purchase Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to make a profit, it’ll open an order using the money in your trading account to earn an income. But, when the position is at the price target or level of the stop loss determined in the algorithm’s calculations, the system will close the position.

When you have completed an exchange, all money, including any profits will be returned to your account for trading. Biticodes will be able to use these funds to make additional trades, thereby increasing your account as time goes by.

Thanks to its powerful algorithms, paired with a quantum computing high-precision engine Biticodes can identify multiple opportunities for trading within seconds. This is why Biticodes claims that it can trade more quickly than if the trader was a human.

But, Biticodes can also be modified to permit users to make trades based on their strategy of trading and tolerance to risk. In addition, by providing information about markets and other important information it assists traders to make better decision-making regarding investments. This is accomplished by providing traders with vital market information.

Biticodes Trading Platform Key Features


Like many websites, Biticodes charges fees to make use of its tools and functions. To better know Biticodes charges check out this table

Account Opening Fee None
Commissions 0.01%
Inactivity Fee None
Account Maintenance Fee None
Transaction Charges None

There are no fees for withdrawals that are associated with your account. From the table above it is evident that there are no charges hidden, like annual or inactivity charges on Biticodes.


Even the most knowledgeable market traders are susceptible to making costly mistakes in trading that could cost them money, or miss an opportunity. To earn profits it is possible to sell too soon or purchase too late as they let their feelings get the way. Although Biticodes creates trades using precise analytical techniques, its foundation is built on a rational trading process.

In recent years, AI-powered apps have become commonplace in the past few years. This is why increasing numbers of trading platforms like Biticodes use these advanced techniques to control the market and secure profits. This means that users are able to invest less time searching for deals and spend more time on their business. Furthermore, Biticodes‘ self-sufficient capabilities allow them to set the limits of trades and make orders with no assistance from anyone This is an additional benefit.

Biticodes claims that they employ scalping instead of swing trading in the more time-sensitive frames to earn profits on their platform. The Biticodes platform is able to profit from price movements and immediately sets the stop loss order and a take profit option when it trades.

Minimum deposit

The minimum amount of money required to be used on the platform is $250.

You can then relax and watch the platform trade for you once you’ve added money to your account. In addition, you don’t have to do anything more then click on the Auto-Trade option, choose the pair you would like to trade with, then click ‚Get Started.‘

There are a variety of payment options that can be used to transfer funds into account Biticodes account, which include credit and debit card, cryptocurrency wallets and transfer to banks. For example, deposits made in crypto currencies are processed in minimum amount of time. If not, they will take longer processing time, which can range from several minutes if there is an excessive amount of traffic on the network.

If you’re just starting out with the market, it’s crucial to be aware that it’s best to begin slow, with a minimal amount in your account, and then gradually increase your balance as you gain confidence as you gain knowledge.


The platform has been upgraded with improvements to the security of the trading platform’s procedures to ensure accounts‘ security. Furthermore, Biticodes claims to have adhered to a variety of online security certifications that reduce the possibility of Internet breaches and hacks.

Furthermore, Biticodes has implemented various security measures on each stage of its platform in order to minimize the possibility of non-authorized users accessing your account through the platform.

Blockchain technology has been utilized to protect transactions within the Biticodes application. Data from trading transactions are stored in a completely encrypted format which makes it difficult for hackers to gain access to the data and files stored within the database systems of the platform. Additionally, Biticodes uses SSL certificates to guarantee the security of customers‘ personal information and payment details when making payments on the site. Thus, businesses should be able to rest easy knowing that their funds as well as their data is safe.

The platform is generally easy to use, no matter your previous experience, thanks to its easy and simple interface. It’s not complicated with Biticodes and you don’t have to be an specialist or even have prior experience with finance to utilize it. But, it does provide all the features that professionals need from a trading platform that is automated in terms of user-friendliness, ease of use and algorithms.

Additionally, if you’re using an internet browser and an active and stable Internet internet connection, you will be able to use the Biticodes trading platform online on any device, including smartphones and laptops. Also that you can trade any location wherever you are.

Customer support

When it comes to customer service is concern, the customer service team is accessible 24 hours a day.

If the trader wishes to contact Biticodes‘ support department for customer services, they may contact them via email sent from the email address registered to the trader or a phone call or even a live chat on the website of the trading platform.


When it comes to the registration process at BitiCodes will be involved, it’s easy and quick, meaning there is no need to go through an arduous registration process to establish an account. It’s completely free and will take less than a few minutes complete the registration procedure and get in operation as quickly as it is possible.

All you have to provide is your most basic information, which includes complete names, email addresses contacts, phone numbers, your country of residence, etc.

Once you’ve entered these details into the form, they’ll immediately mail you an email to confirm you have been activated successfully.

But, Biticodes‘ online customer service is available to help with issues with your registration.

Methods to withdraw

In terms of withdrawal options, Biticodes supports a wide selection of options, such as cryptocurrency accounts and bank transfer. Additionally, withdrawals can be anytime you’d like since the platform is specially designed for crypto traders all over the world.

The withdrawals at Biticodes are simple and quick and takes only a few seconds. Once you have submitted your request for withdrawal and you’ll be able to receive your funds in less than 24 hours.

Additionally, the system offers the highest quality of protection and security by protecting against all forms of data breaches as well as fraud. The withdrawals made to personal accounts work completely transparently and without any costs or fees hidden with the procedure.

Demo account

It is possible to create an account as a demo through Biticodes individuals who are looking to trade but who do not have a lot of knowledge can understand how the automated user interface and system work which makes it a great option for those who are just starting out.

If you’re not familiar with automated trading, then you might be interested in experimenting with a demo account . This will help you gain a greater understanding of how the platform works and numerous features, and also to get a broad understanding of what it’s like to trade and help to enhance the overall process of trading and boost your profit.

Demo accounts are also suggested to test different strategies for trading and assessing their performance prior to beginning real trading.

The BitiCodes trading system gives traders with a credit of $1500 if they want to test the system. The trader is able to practice their trading techniques in demo mode with this credit prior to investing any funds.

Profit or loss that occurs from the demo trading experience is not actual. This is solely to demonstrate the concept and is not designed to be used for live trading.

Asset variety

With its own algorithm and experience in dealing with a vast selection of most popular altcoins for purchase that include Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and other highly rated cryptocurrency it stands out from the other options available in the present. Because of the variety of cryptocurrency pairs, users will be able to easily identify the one appropriate to their requirements among the different configurations available.

There are numerous possibilities to engage in fast-paced trading using the platform for trading since it is primarily focused on Bitcoin and is known for its volatile nature.

Is Biticodes Legit or a Scam?

With Biticodes You can automate trading on several cryptocurrencies through the use by an algorithm that is based on artificial intelligence as well as machines learning technologies. But, unlike some of the other cryptocurrency online platforms it does not offer huge returns or even high the highest success rates.

It is important to note this: the Biticodes platform is accessible for use for no cost and has an account for demo. This means that you can try it out if you’d like to try the platform before investing real money. While the cryptocurrency market has numerous critics due to its risk-taking and volatility but it’s still an attractive alternative.

Furthermore, most Biticodes reviews were favorable when we did the Biticodes review. A few of their previous users have shared about how it helped them earn money from the cryptocurrency market over the years. However, the feedback that these users have left can’t be verified, and it is best to be cautious about them.

How To Use Biticodes

Do you want to test Biticodes to see if it’s for you? Here’s how you can sign up for the service and begin using it.

Bancor se dispara un 86% en dos días, ya que Coinbase lista BNT, DEX picos de volumen

El precio del BNT, el símbolo nativo del protocolo de Bancor, aumentó un 86% en dos días.

El precio del BNT, el símbolo nativo de Bancor, subió un 86% en sólo dos días de 1,02 a 1,919 dólares. El repunte fue impulsado por una combinación de la lista de Coinbase BNT y el creciente volumen de DEX de Bancor.

La lista de Coinbase fue el principal catalizador detrás del fuerte rally de 48 horas de BNT. Casi inmediatamente después de su anuncio, el precio de la ficha aumentó alrededor de un 16% después de subir hasta 3,70 dólares. Coinbase dijo el 16 de diciembre:

„A partir de hoy, Coinbase apoya a Aave (AAVE), Bancor (BNT) y Synthetix (SNX) en y en las aplicaciones Coinbase Android e iOS. Los clientes de Coinbase ahora pueden comprar, vender, convertir, enviar, recibir o almacenar AAVE, BNT y SNX“.

Aunque la lista sorpresa sirvió como un catalizador a corto plazo, BNT se ha estado reuniendo desde principios de noviembre debido al impulso de Bancor.

¿Qué es Bancor y por qué se está operando?

Bancor puede describirse como una bolsa descentralizada, o DEX, y un creador de mercado automatizado, o AMM. En la red Bancor, cualquiera puede comerciar con fichas ERC-20 y varios activos criptográficos en un ecosistema descentralizado.

Con el resurgimiento de las finanzas descentralizadas, el volumen diario y la liquidez de Bancor han aumentado continuamente. El 19 de noviembre, Bancor dijo que el protocolo alcanzó los 60 millones de dólares en valor total bloqueado. El equipo dijo:

„¡Bancor ha cruzado 60 millones de dólares en TVL! 1000s de LPs están ahora disfrutando: exposición AMM de una sola cara; protección contra pérdidas imprevistas; minería de liquidez BNT“.

Según datos de CoinMarketCap, Bancor ha procesado casi 14 millones de dólares en operaciones en las últimas 24 horas. Para un protocolo de liquidez descentralizado en cadena, un volumen de operaciones diarias por encima de 10 millones de dólares es relativamente alto.

Para comparar, SushiSwap y Uniswap, los dos mayores DEX en Ethereum, procesan 44 millones de dólares y 275 millones de dólares por día, respectivamente.

Si el BTC rompe los 20.000 dólares, aumentará el DeFi

Las aplicaciones descentralizadas y los DEXs dentro del espacio DeFi tendrían un mayor espacio para crecer si Bitcoin (BTC) y el Éter (ETH) empiezan a repuntar a corto plazo.

Actualmente, tanto Bitcoin como Ether se están consolidando bajo niveles de resistencia clave. A pesar de esto, varios analistas del mercado esperan ver pronto nuevos máximos históricos en medio de varias señales alcistas.

Además, Alex Krüger, economista y comerciante, señaló que la continua repetición de pruebas de Bitcoin de 20.000 dólares y las bajas tasas de financiación de futuros son los probables catalizadores que impulsarán la criptodivisa predominante más allá de su récord. Dijo que..:

„Cuanto más tiempo pase el BTC por debajo de los 20K y cuanto más baja sea la base de financiación y futuros a medida que el precio se acerque a los 20K, más fuerte será la ruptura al alza una vez que llegue. Llegará“.

Si Bitcoin y el Éter se recuperan, la demanda de DeFi se disparará naturalmente. Muchos usuarios de DeFi a menudo ponen criptodivisas, como Bitcoin y Éter envueltos, como garantía para ganar exposición adicional a las criptodivisas.

Cuando el mercado entre en un claro ciclo alcista, la demanda de servicios de DeFi aumentaría aún más a medida que los volúmenes de préstamos y de operaciones aumenten. Además, el riesgo de añadir más garantías en el éter para asegurar el margen suele disminuir cuando su precio aumenta.

A partir del 16 de diciembre, el valor total bloqueado a través de los protocolos de DeFi está rondando los 15 mil millones de dólares, su máximo histórico.